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Hurricane Irma creats power outages- we have this all wrong!!!!

As the power slowly is restored to storm ravaged parts of the Tampa Bay Area, I cant help but wonder if we have this all wrong.

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. As I write this there is a story about senior living facilities without power on ABC network. Why are we so dependent on power companies, why have the politicians protected these companies that cripple our neighborhoods and business each and every time there is a storm? Why has nothing been done to come up with a long term solution? Why do we still put our old antiquated lines up on power poles just for the next storm to knock them down again? Why are they not put underground? Our power grid is old and outdated, but the cost of power keeps going up and nothing is being done to improve our grid. In my world they would be a slum lord. They take as much rent as they can and do nothing to improve the building or in this case the infrastructure. One of the reasons I believe is that the solution takes the power ( no pun intended) out of the hands of the power companies. How many people who decided to go solar are realizing the are still a prisoner of the power companies and they are are not energy independent. When they have no power despite being able to produce power via their solar panels. Firstly I think the way we build our homes is all wrong and needs to change, but that is another conversation. What if every house could create and store their own power? The technology is out there but we label it as at only for "tree hugger's" and "prepper's". Its not and it should be come the norm and not the exception. Companies and systems similar to the Tesla Power Wall should be part of the Florida building code for every new home built in Florida.

Lets paint another picture amusing systems like this were part of the building code system. Hurricane Irma pounds the Tampa Bay area. Resident who are not forced to evacuate food zones, hunker down in their homes boarded up as the storm comes through. Ravaging neighborhood and tearing down trees, as we look out, we see homes have power and as the day dawns and we asses the damage we see people in their homes out taking care of their families and neighbors. They are not forced out of their homes and neighborhoods because the power is still on.

How you may ask? Easy, building code has made our homes are self sufficient and energy independent. We don't rely on the blood sucking power companies.The solar panels have powered their batter storage system and these kept the ac on and medical equipment like respirators etc still powered up. Our fridges still keep our food frozen and fresh. As the clouds part and the sun shines the solar panels power up the battery storage and our homes continue to function. We are all able to take care of of neighborhoods and communities are not fractured in a time of need. But...... Dream on. This is not going to happen because it allows us the consumer to create and store our own energy and I believe even if we had an Irma hit us every month, we would not see the Power Companies give the control back to the consumer. My mission is to make those addicted to the power companies to wake up and realize we are being bullied by these money grabbing companies.

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