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If water is the most precious commodity we have, why don't we treat it like it is???

Today I decided to digress a little from my plaaned train of thought.

Today the news caught my attention.

California was devastated, now Italy..........

They are struggling with water shortages. California has hopefully seen the last of their devastating drought.

Conservation of utilities in our homes must include water saving systems. Just like we have energy saving items.

Today the Pope gets involved and turns of the Vatican water fountains for the the 1st time in history.

How amazing is the Pope. He recognizes our planet is in trouble and he did something that has never been done before.

"This decision is very much in line with the pope's thinking on ecology: you can't waste and sometimes you have to be willing to make a sacrifice," he told Reuters.

More and more we hear in the news of drought and water shortages around the world.

What makes our planet support life ,is the fact we have water. Why do you think astronomers get so excited to find traces or the possibility of water in the universe?? Water supports all life on earth.

If water is the most precious commodity we have, why don't we treat it like it is???

Most people in Africa would freak out when they find out we water are gardens with drinking water. Stop and think about it, we take water from its source and clean it and then we spread it all over our yard. Good clean drinking water. We do this, especially in Florida to make our thirsty grass grow. We don't treat water with the respect it deserves. Look at our oceans, the are full over trash. Our fish and birds are dying from eating the trash we throw into it.

Growing up in Africa we captured rain water from gutters from the roof. The water was channeled into large barrels. Firstly supply our needs and if there was enough over we watered our vegetables growing in the garden. We had tanks scattered throughout on the farm that were filled during the raining season. We used this sparingly during the dry season.

Fresh clean water that is scarce in some parts of the world.

Today people are dying from cholera from dirty drinking water.

Today, I washed my car with more drinking water than they have seen in a year.

The problem we don't think about, nor do most of us care, however, I know there is a group of people out there that do.

I have sat and doodled on paper all sorts of water saving devises for our homes for many years and driven my wife crazy at times. I have designed multiple water storage systems, plumbing fittings that save water, and systems that use water more than once. Wouldn't it be awesome if these all became standard one day. I have spoken to city inspectors about my ideas and they believe they are doable, but they all said it the red tape and code approval issues that would make them hard to come to fruition. I have even designed a devise to help cities save a fortune with water.

Maybe its time to put these ideas out there. I am not saying no one else is doing them. I just have never seen them or seen it used in a home.

Today I saw a local Tampa start up company called Raincube.

They developed a system to harvest and store water from our home roofs. The water is then in turn used for the garden. They have an app to control it.

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

Go to their site, sign up. Encourage forward thinkers. Our planet needs them.

These are the type of people we need to take our homes to a whole other level. We have someone who also believes we should not be using drinking water to water our yard.

We are meeting this week. I would love to have one of these installed in every home we remodel.

I will post a follow up after our meeting. I am sure it will go great.

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