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{Our Family}


Shaun Carcary


Tamara Perez


Shona Carcary


Justine Carcary

​We are a family owned and operated renovation company in beautiful South Tampa, Florida.  

We buy, renovate, and sell quality-energy efficient-homes. 


Our families business principles are; putting others first and providing impeccable craftsmanship while being dedicated to caring about and improving our community.  We want to protect our environment and help to conserve our natural resources. We hope that this will result in helping to sustain a better planet left for our children and future generations to enjoy. 


 Our family immigrated from South Africa in 1997 in pursuit of the American dream. Through hard work, determination and innovation we have been able to achieve just that! This is truly our families passion and consider ourselves blessed to be able to work together every day. We live within a few miles of each other and so we live, work and play in South Tampa. Our foundation is based upon following our passion - and not a paycheck. 

We see our renovations through our buyers eyes and renovate our homes as if they were our own homes. We recognize that each home is unique and honor that -while redesigning the floor plan to make it modern and functional. In caring for our community and by adding these environmental elements, results in a home that we can confidently hand over to our new neighbors, making a difference one house at a time. 


We continually search for innovative technology to further enhance the energy efficiency of our homes. We believe that by educating our buyers to become more energy efficient, we can ultimately help to save our planet as re renovate each home. We believe that sustainable is attainable! 


With quality and energy efficiency at the forefront, each home is gutted down to the studs.  We replace all the known underlying issues in the house to ensure that our buyers have peace of mind for many years to come. What sets us apart is that we start at the foundation and work our way up by cutting into the concrete slab and removing all old cast iron plumbing. All renovations feature new electrical, electrical panel, plumbing, high seer ductless mini split AC systems, tankless hot water heaters,  double pane windows, insulation, water saving fixtures, low voltage LED lighting, sustainable bamboo flooring, granite counters, appliances, solid wood cabinetry and high end modern finishes. When possible, SIP panel construction and white reflective TPO roofing is applied. All of which result in a home that is more energy efficient than a standard new construction home would be.


Thank you choosing Realty Buy Design!

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